Anatomy Trains

(1 hour treatment times)

Myofascial Meridians A revolution in Soft-Tissue Patterning

 (Completed introductory course, 6 more levels to go)

Anatomy Trains® lays out fascial and myofascial maps of the ‘anatomy of connection’; giving us the ability to map the pattern and shape the change – no matter what the manual therapy or movement modality. Anatomy Trains links the individual muscles into functional complexes, each with a specific anatomy and ‘meaning’. Anatomy Trains leads to new holistic strategies for health professionals to resolve complex postural and movement patterns.

Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians gives a new understanding of whole-body patterning in posture and function – the interplay of movement and stability.  The 12 ‘myofascial meridians’ in the Anatomy Trains system join the individual muscles you learned into functional complexes within the fascial fabric – each with a defined anatomy and ‘meaning’ in human posture and movement.