Epson Salt Bath

Because of the high magnesium content Epson salts promote the release of lactic acid from muscle tissue.  An Epson salt bath can be helpful any time you are suffering from achiness and muscle strain.  It is also an excellent idea for the evening after you have had a massage because it helps to clear out released lactic acid.  Without this, there may be a temporary generalization soreness following the massage treatment of a particularly tight area.


Instruction for Taking a Bath

Epson salt baths are readily available at your local pharmacy.  Use 2-4 cups in a full bath, the temperature of which is as hot as you can comfortably tolerate.  You should soak in the bath for a minimum of 20 minutes, without adding any bathing solutions or oils and without using soap, as for these substances will alter the chemistry of the water.  After soaking for 20 minutes, you may wash or rinse off.

 To replace the fluid you lose as you perspired.  Keep a glass of cold water beside you and sip it during the bath.  If you like you may also wring a towel in cold water and wrap it around your neck.  As with any hot bath, make sure you get out of the tub slowly and carefully.



If you are over 50 or have diagnosed heart trouble, you should moderate the water temperature and avoid submerging your body above heart level.  You should definitely use a cold towel around your neck, keeping a bucket of cold water available beside your tub for wringing.  If you have any concerns about whether a hot tub will affect you adversely, please contact your doctor before using the Epson salt bath.