Manicures $45 - $50 ($50 - $55 Jan 2019)

Pedicures $55 - $65 ($60 - $70 Jan 2019)

Nail Polish is provided if needed. 


Steps for a Pedicure or Manicure

  1. Soak: Your hands/feet will be soaked in warm water with anti-bacterial soap or a professional foot bath additive. This serves the purpose of softening the skin, cuticles and nails, as well as cleansing the hands/feet.

  2. Exfoliate: A gritty exfoliation product will be rubbed and massage into the hands/feet, paying special attention to palm/bottoms and sides of hands/feet, especially any calluses or rough spots.

  3. Foot File: (for pedicure only) Then the use of a foot file or pumice to further work on any rough spots to further soften the skin and reduce calluses.

  4. Polish Removal: The hands/feet will be dried quickly and covered (except fingers/toes) with the towel to prevent it from getting cold. The old polish will be removed from the nails.

  5. Cuticles: The cuticles will gently be pushed back with cuticle stick or metal pusher.

  6. Moisturize hand/Foot: A cuticle oil can be rubbed in. Next a cream/lotion will be massaged on the hand/foot for 3-5 minutes.

  7. Shorten Nails: Toenail clippers or a file will be used to shorten nails to appropriate length. Cut straight across or rounded to preference.

  8. Shape Nails: To the Persons preference.

  9. Buff: The nails surface will be smoothed with a block buffer.

  10. Polish: Any excess oil/lotion is removed. Toe-separators or pedicure sandals can be used if needed, etc.

    1. A clear base coat. (1 coat, very thinly)

    2. 1st coat of colored polish (let dry a minute or 2)

    3. 2nd coat of polish (let dry a minute or 2)

    4. Apply top coat polish. Sit still and let nails dry!

    5. Sit back and relax while the polish dry and the cleanup is done for you.


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