How Long Will It Take


That Depends on several things:

Your Age. Your healing potential diminishes with age. There are exceptions, but generally younger people get quicker results than older people.

Your Problem. It takes longer to resolve long-standing problems that have been neglected. More recent health problems tend to resolve faster,

Your Discipline. Are you willing to make some positive changes in your life? If you’re coachable and follow the suggestion you’ll see better results.

Your Goal. Your intentions are just as important as ours. Our motive is to support you in attaining optimum health. Is that what you want?

Your Attitude. It’s been proven that those with a positive outlook heal faster, as your nervous system works better, anything is possible!


You are the doctor.

It surprises some people to learn that drugs and doctors can’t heal everything. They can’t form scar tissue, mend a broken bone or heal a cut. Only you can do that!

So, our approach is to reduce interference to your ability to heal. Since healing is directed by your nervous system, that is our focus.

How long will it take? Children often see results quickly. Adults are seniors with long-standing problems take longer. Everyone responds differently.


Keep your appointments

Your care schedule is based on the results that millions have enjoyed. Also or how you as an individual react to treatments and therapies.

If I don’t see you often enough, the ability to reduce negative patterns in your body is impaired. And if visits are scheduled too closely, your body wouldn’t have enough time to make changes.

So, we take a middle path. The advice is designed to produce the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. That’s why keeping your appointment is so important.

Therapeutic care, unlike medical treatment, it is a partnership. Without your participation it will take longer and your results can be short-lived.

What you do at home and at work have as much (or more!) effect on your recovery that what we do while you’re in our office.

So, ask questions and participate in your care. Those who do, seem to get well faster. Find out that you can do to augment the care you receive in our office.

We humans can’t grow a new leg or replace a finger lost in an accident.  We have limitations to our ability to heal. Our prospects worsen if we’re overweight, use tobacco, abuse alcohol or live stressful lives.

Since your nervous system controls every tissue of your body, Therapeutic care had been known to produce profound results, our intention is to bring greater integrity to your nervous system, but it takes time.

It’s easy to become impatient if you’re accustomed to “fast, fast relief” by taking a pill that numbs your body. But true healing moves at its own place.

By now you know many things affect this process. A fact often lost on insurance companies or other more interested in stockholder profits.

If your recovery doesn’t progress are we expect, we’ll change what we’re doing. Or, we’ll refer you to someone else. You and your health are our primary concern.

Most systems subside long before muscles and ligaments supporting your spine can fully heal. That’s when it will be tempting to end your care.

But the weakened areas of your body are predisposed to a relapse.

Just as ongoing brushing and flossing promote dental health, we recommend regular therapeutic treatments. Sure, you’ll be feeling great, but there visits help us catch new problems early and support you in your desire to be your best.